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Ask yourself

How many excellent ideas and concepts never get implemented?
How frustrating is it if, in day-to-day cooperation, there is a lack of trust and positive impulses are not appreciated?
How many initially highly motivated employees and executives give up in frustration and have already mentally resigned?
WHow much creative potential is suppressed in organizations by responsibility not being delegated and too many regulations being made?
How demotivating is it if agreements are not kept due to resignation and egocentricity?
How many executives and employees are increasingly demonstrating stress symptoms which frequently end in burn-out?

Those who want to move others must also be prepared to move themselves!

Training content

Typical behaviour patterns that cause innovations to fail
Essential preconditions which ensure that changes can be initiated in organizations with enthusiasm
Leadership disciplines that enable me and my team to become sustainable high performers
Changes to myself that enable me to take work pleasure in my work once more
Ways for developing my employees’ potential so as to achieve a high degree of motivation and satisfaction

Strategy for action that motivates me personally and moves the company forward